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Experiment 3 January 12, 2012

Posted by lillylikes in Face & Skin.

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De doua zile crema Visionnaire de la Lancôme s-a terminat. Am scris despre ea in cateva randuri printre care si aici. Celor de la Lancôme le-au trebuit 12 ani de cercetare si au facut 20 de patente pana au scos pe piata crema Visionnaire, iar pe mine nu m-au multumit pe deplin :). Vedeam ca Visionnaire se termina si am inceput sa ma gandesc “oare ce ar putea fi mai grozav decat Visionnaire de incercat?”. Nu o sa va vina sa credeti ca am gasit ceva :). Ceva ce suna mai grozav si despre care am auzit prima data de la un coleg (stai linistit B. inca tot mai cred ca masculinitatea ta e OK si nu e nimic gresit cu tine chiar daca numai tu ai stiut despre acest produs feminin si eu nu 🙂 ).

Astfel ca de azi incep un nou experiment cu serul BioEffect – EGF Serum de la Sif Cosmetics, Islanda. BioEffect este rezultatul a 10 ani de cercetare in biotehnologie pentru care cercetatorii Stanley Cohen si Rita Levi-Montalcinicare au castigat in 1986 premiul Nobel pentru medicina. Ei au descoperit un important activator celular (de fapt o proteina), denumit EGF – Epidermal Growth Factor, care este continut in mod natural de pielea umana avand rolul de intretinere si reparare a celulelor pielii. Prin imbatranire pielea umana se “reinoieste” din ce in ce mai rar, isi pierde din luminozitate ca mai apoi sa apara ridurile. Toate acestea se datoreaza reducerii activatorilor celulari, printre care si EGF. Cercetatorii au identificat functiile lui vitale asupra sanatatii pielii umane si mai mult ei au reusit sa gaseasca o modalitate de a produce acesta substanta intr-o forma foarte pura. Spuneti voi daca nu suna grozav?! Un produs cosmetic care are in spate un premiu Nobel :)?! Nici ca nu imi puteam dori ceva mai bun pentru experimentul meu urmator.

BioEffect Serum este singurul produs cosmetic care contine EGF obtinut din plante si care:

– regenereaza si calmeaza problemele pielii;

– elimina locurile uscate;

– uniformizeaza si netezeste pielea;

– semnele de imbatranire sunt inversate;

– reduce semnele de depigmentare

– adauga luminozitate pielii;

– hidrateaza pielea in profunzime, :

– contine numai 9 ingrediente (Glycerine, Aqua, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Hyalunorate, Tromethamine, Hordeum Vulgare Seed Extract, Alcohol (Ethanol) (less than 0.9%), Sodium Chloride, EGF (Transgenic Barley sh-Oligopeptide-1);

– este destinat tuturor tipurilor de piele in special pielii uscate sau sensibile;

– se poate aplica pe fata, gat, inclusiv pe corp daca va permiteti :), pretul e cam mare;

– se aplica 1 picatura de ser pe zona dorita si se intinde usor pe toata suprafata. S-ar putea ca 2 picaturi pe fata sa fie deja prea mult. Daca la prima aplicare ati pus 2 sau mai multe picaturi si va simtiti tenul lipicios dupa 30 de minute incercati sa puneti mai putin ser data urmatoare;

– este recomandat a se utiliza seara inainte de culcare pe tenul curat;

– nu mai este nevoie de crema de seara, crema pentru conturul ochilor;

– nu contine coloranti, arome, produsi alergenici sau conservanti.

Probabil ca sunt multe alte lucruri de spus despre acest produs, ramane sa mai explorati si voi subiectul. Pe mine oricum m-a convins sa il cumpar si sa il testez chiar daca pretul nu e foarte mic.  O sticla, cica mare, de 15ml si una mai mica de 3.5ml (utila cica pentru calatorii , hihi) au costat 160 Euro. La pretul asta stiti la ce ma astept?! Sa ma “izbeasca” tineretea ca pe Mama Gothel din filmul cu Rapunzel sau ca pe mama lui Odile din filmul cu Strumfii, atunci cand e in magazinul de cosmetice incercand ceva produs revolutionar, iar Gargamel o izbeste cu o doza de tinerete. Nu stiti filmele?! Vedeti daca nu aveti si voi o printesa de 5 ani care se uita numai la filme cu printese, deja a “tz” oara astfel incat as putea sa va spun dupa muzica la ce faza au ajuns… Din pacate nu gasesc aceste faze memorabile pe YouTube astfel ca va trebui sa vedeti voi filmele integral si sa descoperiti la ce ma refer…

OK, deci cred ca stiti ce urmeaza, nu?! La intervale de 1 saptamana am sa pun poze cu ridurile mele, deja cunoscute, din jurul ochilor sa vedem cum se modifica in timp. Experimentul va dura cam 6 saptamani, sau ma rog cat ma tine serul din cele 2 sticle, cica :). Abia astept sa vad rezultatul final…

English version

My Visionnaire cream from Lancôme is finished since two days ago. I wrote about it several times, among other here. It took 12 research years and 20 patents for the people at Lancôme until they marketed the Visionnaire cream, and for me it was not fully satisfactory :).I saw that the Visionnaire was going to be finished soon and I started thinking “I wonder what would be better than Visionnaire to try out?”. You won’t believe that I found something :). Something that sounds even better and of which I heard about for the first time from a colleague (rest assured B. I still think your masculinity is OK and there is nothing wrong with you, even if you were the one who knew about this women product 🙂 ).

So, starting from today I am beginning a new experiment with the BioEffect – EGF Serum from Sif Cosmetics, Iceland. BioEffect is the result of 10 years of research in biotechnology which rewarded the scientists Stanley Cohen and Rita Levi-Montalcinicare in 1986 with the Nobel prize in medicine. They discovered an important cellular activator (actually a protein), called EGF – Epidermal Growth Factor, which is contained naturally in the human skin having a maintenance and repairing role for the skin cells. By ageing, the human skin “renews” itself less and less, and loses from its shininess and then the wrinkles appear. All these are due to the decrease in the cell activators, among which this EGF. The researchers have identified its vital functions on the health of the human skin and moreover they managed to find a way to produce this substance in a very pure state. Say that it does not sound great?! A cosmetic product that has a Nobel prize behind it: )?! I couldn’t have wished for a better subject for my next experiment.

BioEffect Serum is the only cosmetic product that contains a plant based EGF and that:

– regenerates and calms skin problems;

– eliminates dry spots;

– uniforms and smooths the skin;

– reverses ageing signs;

– reduces de-pigmentation signs;

– adds shininess to the skin;

– deeply moisturises the skin:

– contains only 9 ingredients (Glycerine, Aqua, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Hyalunorate, Tromethamine, Hordeum Vulgare Seed Extract, Alcohol (Ethanol) (less than 0.9%), Sodium Chloride, EGF (Transgenic Barley sh-Oligopeptide-1);

– is meant for all types of skins, especially for the dry and sensitive ones;

– can be applied on the face, neck and body if you afford it :), the price is kind of high;

– one serum drop is applied on the desired area and it is easily spread on the whole surface. It may be that 2 drops on the face might be too much. If after the first application you used 2 or more drops and you feel your complexion sticky after 30 minutes, than try to use less serum next time;

– it is recommended to use the serum in the evening before going to bed on a clean complexion;

– there is no need to use other evening creams or eye contour creams;

– it does not contain colourants, aromas, allergenic products or conservators.

There are probably many more things to say about this product, it remains for you to explore the subject as well. They sure have convinced me to buy it and test it even if the price is not so small. One bottle, they call it big, of 15 ml and a small one of 3.5 ml (useful for travelling, hihi) cost about 160 Euro. You know what I expect at this price?! That youth will “hit” me like it does to Mother Gothel in the Rapunzel movie or like it does to Odile’s mother in the Strumf movie, when she is in a cosmetics shop trying some revolutionary product, and Gargamel “hits” her with a youth dose. Don’t you know the movies?! See if you don’t have a 5 year-old princess that watches only princess movies, for the “nth” time so that you can tell where the movie came to by the music it plays…. Unfortunately I cannot find these memorable clips on YouTube, so you would have to see the movies and find out what I mean…

OK, so I guess you know what comes next, right?! At about 1 week intervals I will put some pictures of my already known wrinkle around the eyes and see how they change in time. The experiment would last about 6 week, or perhaps as long as the serum from the 2 bottles holds :). I cannot wait until I start tonight…



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