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Do you feel entertained?! November 2, 2011

Posted by lillylikes in SPA´s.

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Oare sala de spinning unde se duce colega mea H. arata la fel?! 🙂 Banuiesc ca nu, altfel de ce ne-ar fi povestit ea “chinurile”, cica, prin care trece si cat de greu e la ora ei de spinning…. Hm?!… din ce vad eu aici in filmulet pare floare la ureche… distractie, veselie, muzica si inca “ceva” acolo de entertainment…. Sa o mai aud ca se plange :).

via zoso.

Gluma-i gluma si seriosu-i serios…. Ideea e super faina si originala, iar daca ar fi la fel si aici as fi prima la spinning, cu tot cu durerea mea de spate :). Ce conteaza un os de la bazin dislocat cand totul pare asa de usor, distractiv, reconfortant si “relaxant”…?! In plus, cred ca toate colegele ar veni la un asa “team work”… 🙂

Poate cei de la Aktiv 365 o sa redecoreze si sala de spinning :). Ar fi suppperrrrr….

English Version

I wonder if the spinning training room, where my colleague H. goes to, looks the same?! 🙂 I guess not, otherwise why would she tell us about the “torture” that she has to go through and how difficult it is at the spinning class… Hm?!… from what I see here in this video it seems like a piece of cake… lots of joy, fun, music and “some” more entertainment… Let me hear her now if she complains again :).

Joke or no joke… The idea is super cool and original, and if it would be the same here I would be the first in line for the spinning class, together with my back pain:). What is a dislocated basin bone when it all seems so easy, so fun, comforting and “relaxing”…?! Moreover, I guess all my girl colleagues would come to such a  “team work”… 🙂

Maybe the people at Aktiv 365 would redecorate the spinning room as well :). It would be soooo cooollll…



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