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kiropractor… din nou… / chiropractor… again… October 28, 2011

Posted by lillylikes in SPA´s.

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Din cauza calatoriei mele in Romania, urmata de o plecare a lui Joakim din Bergen pentru o saptamana apoi de o alta plecare a lui prin China, mi-am cautat un alt kiropractor pentru ca problemele mele de spate sunt tot acolo… nu chiar asa cum au fost dar simt ca ceva os tot nu e la locul lui. Asa ca am zis eu “hai sa testez si alt specialist sa aud si o alta parere”. Astfel la recomandarea unei colege de serviciu, o doamna extraordinara pe care o cheama Mai, am incercat BFA Behandling for alle din Sletten, Bergen. Programarea mi-am facut-o foarte usor prin telefon si la ora stabilita am fost acolo. Centrul este foarte usor de gasit, fiind la etajul 2 in incinta “mall-ului” din cartierul Sletten.

Kiropractorul meu este acum Olav S.Aase care ma astepta deja acolo. Am intrat in camera unde urma sa ma  trateze si cu mare jena i-am spus ca mi-am uitat acasa echipamentul sport si nu am decat blugii… El a zis ca nu e nevoie de nici un echipament si nici sa ma dezbrac e doar nevoie sa ma asez pe patul de terapie… Nu mi-a venit sa cred, cum adica nu trebuie sa ma dezbrac, adica chiar deloc, o bluza, un pantalon ceva, chiar nimica ????!!!… am fost chiar dezamagita … NOT 🙂

In fine, m-am intins pe pat si in urmatoarele 3 minute am inteles de ce nu trebuie sa ma dezbrac… Olav mi-a pipait coloana de sus pana jos si automat mi-a spus ca am dislocat un os acolo jos pe la bazin pe undeva, iar cand a apasat osul respectiv am crezut ca imi cade jumatatea aia de corp jos, aia stanga… Apoi a urmat trasul de coloana la loc, apoi de bazin apoi detensionarea muschilor de pe piciorul stang incepand din sold si pana jos la glezna… Ei bine, toate acestea le efectueaza Olav cu mainile si cu coatele goale si aplicand mulllllttaaa forta 🙂 Puteam sa am pantaloni de tabla sau de plumb si cred ca tot as fi simtit coatele lui apasand exact in punctele alea unde ma doare cel mai tare, alea pe care eu evitam sa le masez cu apa calduta si sapun, la dus… Ei bine, apoi exact in punctele alea apasa Olav cat de tare putea… as putea sa va arat ce vanatai am pe fund, dar nu cred ca e cazul, credeti-ma pe cuvant ca le am :).

Azi am fost la a doua sedinta care parca nu a fost la fel de dureroasa ca si prima. Olav a zis ca muschii mei se mai lasa, dar ca mai trebuie lucrati si tras bazinul la loc… Asa ca mai am o programare si joi si probabil inca 2 sedinte saptamana viitoare… Din ce am observat eu, Olav este un mare specialist, un profesionist cu foarte multa experienta si forta, iar pentru el a fost foarte usor sa imi traga bazinul la loc, de 2 ori deja… Joakim nu a reusit niciodata asta, din pacate, cu toate ca a incercat si el la fiecare sedinta.

Joakim mi-a placut ca este si acupuncturist si kiropractor, un fel de oferta 2 in 1 :), si tratamentul lui mi-a prins foarte bine, iar dupa sedintele cu ace si curent nu am mai avut amorteli la fel de mari prin picior. Cand am mers la el nu puteam calca deloc pe piciorul stang, iar intr-o saptamana de terapie la el am putut pleca in Romania aproape fara nici o problema. Pacat ca este ocupat in perioada urmatoare… Olav este numai kiropractor, dar cand le-am zis colegilor ca ma duc la el, toti il stiau si auzisera de el cum ca ar fi un foarte mare specialist.

Olav a zis ca probleme ca ale mele a vazut la foarte multa lume si ca sunt sanse 100% sa ma faca bine. In decembrie am o programare la RMN pentru spate si solduri, iar Olav mi-a zis ca pana atunci RMN-ul nu o sa mai gaseasca nici o problema la mine, pentru ca el le va repara :). Suna asa de bine si de optimist, aproape ca il cred 🙂

Costul primei sedinte a fost 500 coroane norvegiene adica 65 euro. Incepand cu a doua sedinta pretul este de 350 coroane norvegiene, adica 45 euro. Deocamdata Olav primeste 5 flori de crin, daca nu sunt bine la finalul tratamentului mai taiem din ele 😀English version

Because of my travel to Romania, followed by Joakim’s leaving from Bergen for a week, followed by another of his travels to China, I went looking for another chiropractor because my back problems are still there… not as they were before, but I feel that some bones are not in the right place. So, I said to myself “let’s test another specialist and hear another opinion”. After the recommendation of a working colleague, a wonderful lady called Mai, I went to try out BFA Behandling for alle from Sletten, Bergen. I made the appointment very easy by phone and was there at the established time. The centre is very easily found, being at the second floor, within the Sletten mall.

My chiropractor is now Olav S.Aase who was already waiting for me. I went in the room where he was to apply the treatment, and somewhat embarrassed I told him that I forgot my sport equipment and I only have the jeans… He said that no equipment was necessary, not even to get undressed, and that all I need is to lay on the therapy bed. I could not believe it, how come I do not have to undress, not at all, not even the blouse or jeans, really???!!!… I was disappointed.. NOT:)

Any way, I laid on the bed and in the next 3 minutes I understood why I did not have to undress… Olav felt my spine from up to down and automatically said that I have a dislocated bone somewhere down towards the basin, and when he pressed that bone I thought that my left half of the body will just drop… what followed was putting the spine back in place, the basin, then removing the tension in the left leg muscles starting from the hip and down to the ankle. Well, all of these were done by Olav with his bare hands and elbows, and by applying a loooot of force:). I could have had iron or lead pants and still would have felt his elbows pressing hard on the spots were it hurt most, those that I avoided massaging with warm water and soap, in the shower… Well then Olav was pressing exactly on those spots as hard as he could… I could show my bruises on my bottom, but I think it is not necessary, just believe me that I have them :).

Today I went to the second session, which was not as painful as the first one. Olav said that my muscles are giving in, but they need more work and the basin should be pulled back in place again… So I have another appointment next Thursday and probably two more sessions next week. From what I observed, Olav is a great specialist, a professional with lots of experience and strength, and it was easy for him to put my basin back in place, twice already… Joakim did not manage to do this, unfortunately, even though he tried to do it every session.

I liked Joakim because he was both an acupuncturist and a chiropractor, sort of a 2 in one offer :), and his treatment went very well with me. After the sessions with needles and electrical current I did not feel a greater numbness in the leg. When I first went there I could barely walk on my left foot, and after a week of therapy with him I could travel to Romania almost problem free. To bad that he is busy for the next period… Olav is just a chiropractor, but when I told my colleagues that I went to him, all of them knew about him or heard that he was a big specialist.

Olav said that he had seen my kind of problems at lots of people and there are 100% chances to get better. I have an NMR appointment in December for my back and hips, and Olav said that by that time the NMR would not find anything wrong with me, because he would fix them :). It sounds so good and optimistic, I almost believe him :).

The first session costed about 500 Norwegian kroner, meaning about 65 Euro. Starting with the second session, the price is 350 Norwegian kroner, about 45 Euro. For the time being Olav gets 5 lilies, if I am not well at the end of the treatment I’ll cut some of them :D.



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