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primul meu post / my first post September 18, 2011

Posted by lillylikes in Personal.

… in propriul meu jurnal in lumea virtuala… De-a lungul anilor am trait experiente de tot felul, si bune si rele, si fericite si triste, si usoare si grele. Simt ca pe unele dintre ele le-am uitat sau vag imi aduc aminte detalii despre ele sau ca si-au pierdut din intensitate… si parca e pacat. De experientele rele, triste sau grele as putea zice ca e bine ca am uitat sau ca si-au pierdut din intensitate. De experientele bune, fericite sau usoare as putea zice ca e mare pacat ca incep sa uit de ele, sau sa isi piarda din intensitate si din farmec. Adevarul e ca ma bucur de fiecare experienta pe care am trait-o buna-rea, usoara-grea, fericita-trista pentru ca toate la un loc m-au facut/cizelat/modelat asa cum sunt in prezent. Acest blog e doar o modalitate de a ma impiedica sa uit… experientele mele viitoare, de a le memora pe cele trecute sau de a le povesti pe cele prezente.

Traind de aproape 8 ani in Bergen, Norvegia si avand posibilitatea de a merge acasa la Cluj de 2-3-4 ori pe an, e interesant pentru mine sa vad si sa simt cum lumea se schimba in jurul meu… sau poate ca doar eu ma schimb sau perceptia mea. Adevarul e ca atunci cand sunt la Bergen imi este foarte dor de Cluj, iar cand sunt la Cluj imi lipseste mult Bergen-ul. Este ca si cum as fi prinsa intre doua lumi paralele si foarte diferite, fiecare cu plusuri si minusuri, cu farmecul si cu aroma lor imbinandu-se si impletindu-se reciproc. Toate acestea inca ma modeleaza si ma formeaza ca si persoana si au efect asupra personalitatii mele.

Multe dintre posturile mele vor fi comparatii, reviewuri, recomandari si pareri personale despre anumite locuri, produse, servicii pe care le voi folosi si testa personal atat din Norvegia, Romania sau din alte tari.

Oricine vrea sa creasca si sa se modeleze alaturi de mine e bine venit si ma bucur de companie, sugestii si comentarii pe parcusul acestei, sper minunate, experiente si calatorii virtuale.

Asa ca sa inceapa show-ul!

English version

My first post in my own virtual world journal… I have been through different kinds of experiences across the years, good ones or bad ones, sad or happy ones, easy or heavy. I feel that I have forgotten some of them or vaguely remember details or they have lost in intensity… and it is a pity. I might say that it is good that bad or sad experiences have been forgotten or have lost intensity. On the other side, it is a pity to have started forgetting some of the happy easy memories, or to lose their intensity and charm. The truth is that I take joy in every experience which I have been through, good-bad, happy-sad, because all together they have created/molded me in the form I am today. This blog is just one way that comes to prevent me from forgetting my future experiences, to help memorize the past ones and to tell the present ones.

Living for the past 8 years in Bergen, Norway and having the possibility to travel home to Cluj about 2-3-4 times per year, it becomes interesting for me to see and feel the world changing around me… or maybe it is just I who is changing or my perception. The truth is that when I am in Bergen I miss Cluj, while when I am in Cluj I miss Bergen. It feels like I am trapped between to parallel and very different worlds, each with its pluses or minuses, with their own charm or aroma, combined and interlaced with each other. All these still mold and influence me as a person and have an effect on my personality.

Lots of the posts on my blog will be comparisons, reviews, recommendations and personal opinions about places, products, services which I have or will use personally both in Norway, Romania or other places.

Anyone who would like to grow and be molded together with me is welcomed and I am glad for the company, suggestions and comments along this hopefully wonderful experience and virtual travel.

So, let the show begin!



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